Taking The Journey Together!

In our journey, we as men ought to hold relationships with God, our wife, and our children as our highest priorities, but we often don’t. Here are a few important questions to ask yourself on a weekly basis:

  • Have I read my Bible and prayed every day this week? If not, why not?
  • Have I been tempted this week? Do I need to talk to someone about this struggle?
  • Did I attend church this week?
  • How is my relationship with my wife? Are we having meaningful conversations and intimacy? Is anything hurting our relationship?
  • Am I spending time with my children, teaching them to follow Christ? Is my life an example to them?
  • Am I staying out of debt, saving and giving to the Lord’s work?
  • Is my moral and ethical behavior as it should be, making me a good witness?
  • Do I have a friend with whom I can be honest about my personal struggles?