Going All In: One Decision Can Change Everything


Mark Batterson has written a small book simply entitled Going All In with the subtitle One Decision Can Change Everything.  It is just 50 pages.  Think of it as a Gospel Tract on steroids.  I have “borrowed liberally” from it.   He tells the story of A. W. Melnea's missionary who went to New Hebrides in the South Pacific knowing that the headhunters who lived there martyred every missionary sent.  He stayed there 35 years and it was said of him . . . When he came there was no light - When he left there was no darkness.

There is something very attractive about a man who “goes all in for Christ.”  He doesn’t just attend church regularly and try to keep the Ten Commandments.  He is a person who lives out 24/7 John 10:10. Jesus said, “I am come that they might have life and have it more abundant.”  There are no “secret service” Christians.  Generally, their marriages are anything but joyful and they have no idea how to pass what little faith they have on to their children.   I have known many men who attend church and yet no one at work knows they are a Christian. They are not living abundantly and often their lifestyle isn’t much different from the men with whom they work.  Now don’t get me wrong. They are not bad people.  They simply have no spiritual vitality.  The man who goes all in for Christ talks different, acts different and generally is a man who is admired for his convictions.  If he never said a word you would still know he is a follower of Christ.

On October 22nd at London Bridge Church in Virginia Beach we expect over 2000 men to be at our all day conference from 8:30 AM – 4:55 PM called Iron Sharpens Iron.  It is for men of all ages from (13+).  You can request a free promotional Packet from www.ironsharpensiron.net. Here is a chance for you to bring your sons and grandsons to a high energy event that may change the trajectory of their lives forever.  If you have any questions, please check out our website at www.gatheringofmen.com or give us a call at 757-599-4008.  You can register on line for a small fee or better just send us the names of the men who will be attending and one check made out to the Gathering of Men.  Please mail your check to 374-B Wythe Creek Road, Poquoson, VA 23662.

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