Christian Men’s Resources

It is difficult fulfilling all of our responsibilities as men. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement and other times we need help. Occasionally we lose focus and we need to get back on the right track. Below you will find books and links to various websites that just may give you answers to the questions you are asking.


Smalley Relationship Center |
FamilyLife |
Marriage Builders |

Couple’s Devotional Bible (NIV) | Zondervan Publishing Company
Five Love Languages | Gary Chapman
Divorce Proof Your Marriage | Gary Smalley
You Asked For It | Dennis Rainey
Overcoming the Major Destroyer of Relationships | Gary Smalley
Mutually Fulfilling Sexual Intimacy | Greg Smalley
The Other Side of Love: Handling Anger | Gary Chapman

Raising Children

Focus on the Family |
Great Dads |
National Fatherhood Initiative |
Raising Modern Day Knights |

Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World | Zig Zigler
DNA of Relationships | Gary Smalley
Parenting Your Out-Of-Control Teenager | Scott P. Sellers
Key to Your Child’s Heart | Gary Smalley
Raising Modern Day Knights | Robert Lewis
Parenting Isn’t for Cowards | James Dobson

Growing In My Faith

Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah |
Grace To You with Dr. John MacArthur |
KeyLife with Dr. Steve Brown |
Promise Keepers |
Man in the Mirror |
Max Lucado |
Church for Men |

The Purpose Driven Life | Rick Warren
Man in the Mirror | Pat Morley
Daily Disciplines of the Christian Man | Bob Beltz
The Man God Uses | Henry & Tom Blackaby
Finishing Strong | Steve Farrar
Go the Distance | John Trent
Point Man | Steve Farrar
When I Don’t Desire God | John Piper
When Being Good isn’t Good Enough | Steve Brown

Money and Finances

Crown Financial Ministries |
Maximum Generosity |
Turning Point |

Your Money Counts | Howard Dayton
You Can Be Financially Free | George Fooshee
Money, Possessions and Eternity | Randy Alcorn
Wealth to Last | Larry Burkett
Master Your Money | Ron Blue
Sound Mind Investing | Austin Pryor
Free and Clear | Howard Dayton

Sexual Issues

Pure Life Ministries |
Covenant Eyes |
Promise Keepers |
Building Brothers |
Sought Out, Inc (Homosexuality) |

The Sexual Man | Archibald Heart
Every Man’s Battle | Stephen Arterburn
Victory Over Temptation | Harvest House Publishers
Addicted to Love | Stephen Arterburn
Breaking Free | Russell Willingham
The Pornography Trap | Ralph Earle
When Good Men Are Tempted | Bill Perkins
Men’s Secret Wars | Pat Means
Beneath the Surface (Affairs) | Bob Reccord