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10 Reasons To Bring Your Teenage Son to an ISI Conference

  1. He is a man (young man)

  2. ISI Conferences are for Men 13 years and older

  3. ISI is a great FATHER AND SON experience

  4. ISI has breakout sessions designed for Teens

  5. There is great Bible teaching at ISI Men’s Conferences

  6. Other Christian Teens are at ISI with their Dads

  7. ISI teaches them about Accountability and Fellowship with other men

  8. ISI is a good reason to turn off their cell phone for Eight Hours

  9. An ISI conference is better than any video game

  10. ISI conferences are something you can do with your Son EVERY YEAR

Men do not miss this great opportunity to bond, mentor, fellowship, spend time and love your son(s).





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