Come To The 2017 "Leading Effective Small Groups" Seminar

What: Leading Effective Small Groups Seminar
Our Focus: All men and/or men's ministry leaders
Where: TBD
When: Saturday, September 16, 2017
Time: 7:30 AM - check-in | 8:00 AM to 12 Noon
Costs: $20 per man and includes a manual and follow on small group materials.

Statistics About Men,Their Spiritual Condition & the Local Church

  • In late 80’s we thought that Promise Keepers was going to be the movement that would bring men back to the church. From 1990 to the year 2000 church attendance on the part of men went from 40% down to 28%.
  • Since 1991 all indicators of spiritual maturity in men have declined (Church attendance, Bible reading, participation in missions or service projects, giving, etc...).
  • The highest factor predicting teenage pregnancy, suicide, and mental illness is the absence of the father from the home (absent physically, emotionally, or spiritually).
  • Only 1 in 12 men in the church are involved in active discipleship. Can you imagine playing football on a team where only one man knows the plays?
  • Up to 70% of men view pornography on some level. Multitudes of men in the church are addicted to pornography and adultery is literally out of control.
  • Couples in the church are divorcing at the same rate as nonbelievers.
  • Men are tired, restless, confused, and lonely.
  • Most men know only enough about God to be disappointed in Him.
  • For every 10 men in the church . . .
    • Nine will have children leave the church before they graduate from high school
    • Eight will not find their jobs satisfying
    • Six will pay only the monthly minimum on their credit cards
    • Five will have a major problem with pornography
    • Four will get divorces affecting one million children a year
    • Only one will have a biblical worldview (think like Jesus thinks)
    • All will struggle to balance responsibilities at home and at work
  • Men fail everyday – in their marriages, with their children, and their careers – even though they had no intention of failing. What do you think happened?

Our goal at Gathering of Men is to make disciples helping them to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

What Is a Disciple?
“A disciple is someone who is called to walk with Christ, equipped to live like Christ, and sent to work for Christ.” 2 Timothy 3:15-17. Biblical discipleship is not behavior modification, it is heart transformation. Men will always go after the core values of their hearts, so we must help them value the things of God.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION - Why Men’s Small Groups?

  • Disturbing Statistics on Men
  • Men and Friends
  • Made for Relationships
  • What God Does Through Relationships
  • Why Leaders Need a Band of Brothers. Leaders need authentic friendships
  • Small Groups are the Foundation of Ministry to Men
  • Benefits of Leading and Being Part of a Small Group

PART I -The Nine Keys to Effective Small Group Leadership

Key One: Connect with the Leadership Network in Your Church

  1. Accept leadership responsibility for your group;
  2. Establish Goals for Your Group;
  3. All leaders need a ministry supervisor (mentor).

Key Two: Seek God’s Renewal As You Meet With Him In Secret

  1. Make time for solitude with God;
  2. Seek God through community in your small group;
  3. Maintain a lifestyle characterized by simplicity.

Key Three: Prepare Yourself To Lead The Meeting

  1. Make time for reflection and for seeking God’s guidance;
  2. Where should we meet?;
  3. Realize each meeting starts and ends twice;
  4. Design an agenda that is personal to your group.

Key Four: Invite New Comers To Your Group

  1. Meet with your Leadership Nucleus;
  2. Create a contact list with your other leaders;
  3. Prioritize the contact list and be warm and enthusiastic when you call.

Key Five: Win the World As Jesus Would

  1. Notice what God is already doing and get in on it;
  2. Be willing to respond to opportunities to tell your story and Jesus’ story;
  3. Learn how to use Scripture to support the truths of your story;
  4. Exercise faith for the people God will bring your way.

Key Six: Serve the Group and Others Beyond

  1. Remember, serving is an important act in obeying God;
  2. We must legitimize “Lay” ministry;
  3. Listen carefully for needs expressed in group that God can use you to meet;
  4. Your group should develop a contagious climate of giving and ministering to people even outside the group.

Key Seven: Meet Together For One Another Ministry

  1. Model an environment that facilitates mutual love and ministry;
  2. Think through the anatomy of a typical small group meeting;
  3. Protect your group from the enemies of effectiveness;
  4. People who will sabotage or kill group;
  5. Make regular adjustments designed to help newcomers feel welcome;
  6. Make time for between-meeting meetings.

Key Eight: Recruit A Leader-in-Training

  1. Commit yourself to not only being a maker of disciples, but also a maker of disciple-makers;
  2. Recruit apprentices who are willing to serve as leaders-in-training;
  3. Use spiritual gift identification to draw untapped talent into leadership roles;
  4. Train your apprentice by modeling and feedback.

Key Nine: Bring Your Group To Worship

  1. Underscore the advantages of being part of a larger body.


  • How To Support Men Going Through Difficult Times
  • How to Know When You Need Help with a Person
  • Christian Counseling Centers and Web Sites
  • A Covenant of Expectations for the Small Group Leader
  • Small Group Member Covenant Contract
  • Spiritual Accountability
  • Five “Ms” Every Small Group Leader Should Know
  • How to Lead a Weekly Men’s Small Group
  • How to Build a Men’s Ministry Through Small Groups
  • Six Small Group Killers
  • Support and Recovery Groups
  • Small Group Experience