keep-calm-god-is-awesomeSteve Brown says, “God has set us free – and at great cost – but many Christians live in self-imposed bondage.  Rather than delighting in God’s lavish grace, they are fearful of igniting his displeasure.”  God has made us to celebrate both Him and life.  John 8:31-32 says, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  How many people do you know at church who are living that way?

Many people believe we are saved by faith, but we stay saved by “hustle.”  God never intended for it to be that way.  Our obedience should be the overflow of what God is doing in our heart and life every day.  Because He lives within us, we talk differently.  We walk differently.  People can’t help but notice we are different in a very good sort of way.  People like being around committed Christians because it is obvious that we really do care.  We are willing to wade into people’s “muddy lives” because we really do care.  Here is an understatement . . . “Jesus went to a lot of trouble to set us free.”  We find incredible freedom when we focus on those needing Jesus instead of ourselves.

People are looking for that kind of freedom.  You can introduce them to grace by inviting them to Iron Sharpens Iron on October 22nd at London Bridge Baptist Church in VA Beach.  It is a “life-changing” all day experience from 8:30 Am – 4:55 Pm.  It is a day that will change men’s lives forever.

How many young men do you know who may have never heard a credible presentation of the Gospel from a man’s viewpoint?  Maybe you have prayed for them, but they somehow seem disinterested in spiritual things.  Well at Iron Sharpens Iron they will discover that real men are spiritual men.  They will be given an opportunity to step up to faith.  At Iron Sharpens Iron they will be given an opportunity to join a small group at the church who brought them Iron Sharpens Iron.  And life will never be the same thanks to you and God Who drew Himself to them.

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